Ascari Μοντέρνα Μεταλλική Πλαφονιέρα Οροφής με Ενσωματωμένο LED σε Ασημί χρώμα 30cm Trio Lighting 680810306

Ειδική Τιμή 138,00 € Κανονική τιμή 203,00 €
Αποστολή σε 4 έως 10 ημέρες

Μοντέρνα πλαφονιέρα οροφής της Trio Lighting σε ασημί χρώμα, από μέταλλο. Διαθέτει ενσωματωμένο LED, το οποίο εκπέμπει θερμό λευκό φως που αποδίδεται στην κλίμακα Kelvin με τιμές από 2400Κ έως 3800Κ. Αυτοί οι τόνοι του λευκού είναι πιο κίτρινοι σε σχέση με το φυσικό φως.

The modern ASCARI ceiling light has a sophisticated design. Perfectly positioned, the light becomes a real eye-catcher in your living room. The integrated SWITCH dimmer can be used to select three different brightness levels using a conventional light switch. By graduating the light intensity from 100% to 50% and 25%, the light can be adapted to different requirements. Thanks to its IP44 protection rating, it is protected against splashing water and is therefore suitable for damp rooms such as the bathroom. With its round chrome look, the luminaire creates a great contrast and really comes into its own. The luminaire also features modern LED technology, which is characterised by high light quality and energy efficiency. Compared to conventional halogen light sources, up to 80% of energy costs can be saved. LED light sources also have a long service life, generate less heat and protect the environment.