Aaron Μοντέρνο Κρεμαστό Φωτιστικό με Ενσωματωμένο LED σε Ασημί Χρώμα Trio Lighting 352710307

Ειδική Τιμή 495,00 € Κανονική τιμή 726,00 €
Αποστολή σε 4 έως 10 ημέρες

Practical, functional and above all, stylish! The innovative lights of the AARON series are not only impressive due to their modern design, they also have the innovative WiZ technology. The WiZ luminaire offers an incredible colour spectrum of 16 million colours and 64,000 shades of white. Wake up with gentle sunlight, starting your day full of energy, relax with soothing light or turn night into day - simply via the app. Compared to other smart home providers, WiZ luminaires do not require an additional gateway, so that all luminaires can be operated completely flexibly from a mobile device. Furthermore, the luminaires can be controlled with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, so that operation by voice control is also possible. Various lighting programs and settings can also be selected with the remote control supplied, or using the light switch. Another advantage is the flexibility of use: This means that the WiZ lights can be controlled by several users, assigned to different rooms or locations and controlled from anywhere. The matt nickel colour scheme makes it easy to integrate into existing furnishing concepts. In addition, the luminaire features modern LED technology, which is characterised by high light quality and energy efficiency. Compared to conventional halogen lamps, up to 80% of energy costs can be saved. In addition, LED light sources have a long service life, produce less heat and protect the environment.